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We have a great selection of cocktails for you to choose from, each one priced at £8! 

Pink Vieux

Gin, elderflower and grapefruit juice, with ginger ale to top, the Pink Vieux is an elegant gin concoction, with a slightly spicy finish.

Summer Hula

With gin, Cointreau and pineapple juice, this drink is an exotic libation, ready to tantalise the summer taste buds. 

White Russian

Comprised of Smirnoff vodka, coffee liqueur and cream, and served with ice, in an Old Fashioned glass.

Tennessee Bourbon Punch

A taste of the rural American South, combining the punch of Bourbon whiskey and the sweetness of Vermouth, with refreshing grapefruit juice and grenadine.


With white Bacardi rum, lime juice, simple syrup, a pinch of mint from out herb garden and topped with soda water, the Mojito is a deliciously refreshing, summer drink.


Espresso Martini

Made with Smirnoff vodka, coffee liqueur and a shot of espresso coffee, the Espresso Martini is a sumptuously sweet mix of vodka and coffee sweetness.


Piña Colada

The Piña Colada is a sweet cocktail, made with white rum, coconut cream or milk and pineapple juice, served with ice.


A slight twist on the classic Cosmopolitan, we mix Smirnoff vodka and Cointreau, with fresh lime and cranberry juice. Shaken and served straight up. 

Grapefruit Campari

Campari, gin, tonic water and bitters, meet to create Italian and British sophistication. With a bitter kick and the addition of grapefruit, this complex drink provides a refreshing burst.

Dark & Stormy

A Dark & Stormy is a highball cocktail made with dark rum and ginger beer. Served over ice, with lime, it is then garnished with a slice of lemon. A drink similar to a Moscow Mule, but with rum in place of vodka.

(If you have a preferred cocktail not on our list, let our bar staff know what yours is and if we have the ingredients, we'll be happy to make it.)

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